"Your family, is God's greatest work of art!" Lynn DiNonno

     Hi, my name is Lynn DiNonno, I am the Owner, Creative Director and Lead Photographer here at

Chloe John Photography.

My story starts with my children. I'm a mother to five beautiful children, four amazing & brilliant boys and one very girly girl! Our youngest two children are twins, Chloe & John. John was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy shortly after his birth.

My son's illness and uncertain life expectancy was the impetus that started me on my photography journey. Wanting to take as many photos of him as possible to capture our family memories wth him.  

My business is named after my twins Chloe & John.


My passion is to create, beautiful fine art quality portraits for our clients. Whether it is a newborn session, a 1st birthday cake smash, a wedding or a family session, in our studio, in your home or on location, my approach to each client session is completely customized to their personal tastes and aesthetic. 


We have a team of professional photographers employed here at CJP.


Depending on our Studio schedule you will be assigned one of them for your session. Our photographers are experienced and expertly trained. We do all of our professional photo editing here in our Studio. No photographs are delivered until our Creative Director,

Lynn DiNonno views & approves them. This ensures that your photographs are of the artistic quality that you expect from Chloe John Photography.


Hi there, I'm Tara Moss, 2nd Family Photographer here at CJP

My passion is finding the beauty in everyone & everything. My photography is inspired by the deep ties we have through our relationships. Those special moments of connection; a knowing look, a soft touch, a genuine smile, a giggle. The moments of authentic joy we have when we are with our loved ones.



Hey there, I'm Sarah Connor

I am a multi disciplinary artist primarily focused in photography, painting, and digital illustration. Being able to capture unforgettable moments and tell a story within my compositions really feeds my passion to create heirloom quality photography. 


                             Hi, I'm Tela D. Associate Photographer here at CJP.