Photo sessions should be fun !  The key to making picture taking a great experience for everyone is to be prepared. …these tips will help you get the most out of your photo experience.

Most Importantly…have fun! Natural smiles are a result of a good time. Enjoy the time spent capturing the memories and smiles of your family! The resulting  photographs are what you will look back on and enjoy for years to come.

Try to schedule your session  around your child's nap and feeding schedules. If you try to cram a session in before nap or meal time you are setting yourself up for a cranky little one. Try and plan for photos immediately after nap time and directly after a good feeding. Well rested and well fed kids are happier and more cooperative.

Dress for Success. …Timeless clothing works best. Try to wear something that will look great in your  pictures for years to come. Coordinate with each other, but don't be too "matchy". We provide a what to wear guide, take a look and  plan your colors and outfits accordingly.  Avoid trendy & heavily patterned clothing. Make sure that you and your children are comfortable in what you're wearing. For most family sessions you will be outside, sitting, standing, posing and moving.   Buy a new outfit, do some extra styling with your child's hair, or incorporate fun props like hats or scarves and beads. For mom, hire a professional makeup artist or have your hair done. Your Photography Session day is not just another day…it’s a special occasions  & something to get dolled up for!

Be on time or come early. This will help ensure you have a few minutes for your child to get comfortable with our  photographer. These few short moments are more important than you realize. This is helpful for adults as well. It’s just as important for you to have some time to connect with & get to know your photographer before jumping in front of their lens.

Stay out of your photographers way.  Let your photographer call the shots and direct your little ones. Your job as a parent & subject is to look at the camera and be ready for the moment the photographer has your little one smiling. Let your photographer take charge! Part of their ability to connect with your child comes from conversing with them…so be sure to allow your little ones to answer questions and interact during your session.

Some of your shots will be just of the children. Please let our photographer speak to and direct your child. Telling your child to say "cheese " will only result in a forced looking smile. Try to stand directly behind the photographer so as to not distract your child or keep them from looking toward the camera.

Bring bribes & motivation. Provide incentive for your little ones to cooperate!  Kids generally have a maximum cooperation time of about twenty minutes depending on age. Make the most of that time….or attempt to extend  it by providing things they aren’t given every day…whether it be treats, or the promise of ice cream or a small toy at the end of your session. Providing little perks along the way like snacks is helpful in keeping kids motivated. (We suggest you have non messy snacks like goldfish or pretzels on hand)

Truly take a moment to enjoy your children & spouse during your session. Your loving connection to each other will really shine through in your photographs. We typically take some formal as well as informal, journalistic type photographs. These photographs will show the deep, loving connections you have as a family and will be treasured by you for years to come.

Here are some clothing options that will can help you plan your outfit and color choices: